Wefts Weft extensions are great for adding both additional length and volume and they are suitable for nearly all types of hair that are around shoulder length and longer. Another great thing about using wefts is that they are very quick to install and remove, a full head of hair extensions can take around an hour. Adding hair extensions in this way creates the look of very full hair which lies smooth and blends seamlessly with your own hair without the need for lots of attachments. Many clients find these methods much more comfortable to wear and easier to maintain [...]


In the strand by strand method of hair extension application, the hair is applied in individual strands of natural hair. This method takes a bit longer but provides very natural looking results. This is also a great option for adding a few fun, colorful strands into the hair. Cold Fusion Thermal Fusion Micro Links Shrink Tubes


Seamlessly add length, volume or highlights to your natural hair. The tape bond is uniquely designed to help minimize damage and keep hair intact when properly applied. You can curl, heat, straighten or dye them just like your own hair. Hotheads Hotheads Hair Extensions are human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat. Their products have completely changed the way their hair looks and how they feel about themselves. Hairtalk Designed to create a fuller effect, for long luxurious hair. Transform your look instantly with tape-in Remy Human hair in under an hour. [...]


Great Lengths Cold Fusion Great Lengths' method is unique, treating your hair in a gentle way, without gluing, knotting and welding. This revolutionary system provides an extremely durable yet gentle bonding, attaching Great Lengths high-quality hair to your own. Ultrasonic 5000 The Next Level. The Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000 – Cold Fusion technology uses no heat. Whereas the original Great Lengths 3200 Thermal method utilizes heat to soften the bond so the bond can be molded around the group of natural strands that the bond is attaching to, the Ultrasonic 5000 Cold Fusion method utilizes ultrasonic wave. This wave or [...]